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Marketing Power Session

Ready to feel more confident in your growth plans for your business?

Getting in control of your marketing is the key to long term growth and the best way to profit from immediate opportunities. 

With so many options and so little time, it’s no wonder small business owners can feel overwhelmed and unsure about the best approach to take.

Let’s work together to develop the right STRATEGY, OPPORTUNITY and CONSISTENCY that will bring you confidence that your marketing will help you GROW instead of simply costing you money for unknown results.


It’s my mission to help small businesses:

Learn how to cherry-pick the marketing actions that are really going to work for you - and drop the others like a stone, so you can stop wasting money and focus on stuff that actually works.

Work 1 on 1 with an expert to generate powerful ideas for growth and to access the know-how to deliver on your ambitious goals. 

Develop a deep understanding of your ideal customer and how to grow your business while serving and delighting them

Build knowledge and a repeatable system which means you are never struggling for ideas or content again.



the marketing power session


You can’t know where to go if you don’t analyze where you are. 

The Marketing Power Session is designed to systematically identify the right marketing activities for your business and to kick off ideas that’s you’ll be eager to put into action.

Through a combination of worksheets, videos and a 1 to 1 session to bring everything together, you’ll be amazed how a plan can come together.

Here’s what you will receive:

1. The Marketing Audit

To begin, you must understand where you are now. You'll find templates to guide you through:

  • WORKSHEET 1 -Your Business Goals & Objectives
  • WORKSHEET 2 - Analyzing your market
  • WORKSHEET 3 - SWOT Analysis
  • WORKSHEET 4 - Reviewing your Marketing

2. Marketing Identity

Next, we'll consider your unique offering as a business and how you can engage with your ideal customers through:

  • WORKSHEET 5 - Your Offering Statement
  • WORKSHEET 6 - Your Identity & Messaging

3. Creating your Marketing Blueprint & Marketing Plan


Then, you'll gather together your findings and begin to build a marketing blueprint. This will form the backbone of your communications and can then be used to start creating your marketing objectives, plan and activities!

We'll then review all of this together at our 2 hour Marketing Power Session. We'll identify ways to use strategy, opportunity and consistency to build an impactful marketing plan and system for your business!

You can then use the 1 page Marketing Plan to lay out exactly what you would like to work on over the next 6 months.

What People Are Saying:

I took Catherine's Marketing Power Session right when I was starting my own Dance Company and It was an incredible way to brainstorm new ideas to promote and expand my business. Catherine provided a very usuful set of question ahead of time for me to answer and think about my goals and that was key to undestand marketing better and see things more clearly. She is really good at helping you to reach your goals, brainstorming and put your ideas in perspective to have a successful business. She is also such an encouraging coach who not only makes you believe in your dreams but helps make them real. I would recommend Catherine for all your marketing projects! you will be in great hands.

Marcela L.